Make Spirits Bright with Stashbox

Subscribe or gift a 420 box for just $30/mo + shipping and get a mix of products tailored to you.

Make Spirits Bright with Stashbox

Subscribe or gift a 420 lifestyle box for just $30/mo + shipping and get a mix of products tailored to you.

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We’re not like the other 420 lifestyle boxes


We partner with leading companies to put their products into your hands. Get REAL products from REAL brands in a personalized selection delivered to you monthly.

We start shipping on the 10th of each month – earlier than any other smoking subscription box out there – so you can enjoy your Stashbox sooner!

We pride ourselves on delivering the best customer service in the industry. This is one of the reasons why we’re social media’s favorite smoking subscription box!


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What our subscribers are saying

5 out of 5

Very good sub box very happy with it I get other but stash box is at the top for me check them out

4 out of 5

Stashbox is the best subscription I have. I use everything I get in the box. It’s like Christmas every month!!!

5 out of 5

I highly recommend this sub box!! I have been pleasantly surprised each month. I’ve tried a lot of the sub boxes on the market, and I can tell folks which ones to stay far far away from – but not this one! This one is cool, fun, and has quality items stowed inside. Worth it!!!

J Tyler
5 out of 5

Stashbox is one of my favorite subscription boxes.. I love how not everyone gets the same thing, so it truly is a surprise.. Stashbox has one fill out a profile, so they can cater the boxes more to your needs.. I think my favorite part is seeing which pin is gonna be in there. I love my collection so far! The glow-in-the-dark pipe is very cool, too!

J Tyler
5 out of 5

Way better than I was expecting. I will be continuing my subscription. I love all the different products and themes. 😍😍

5 out of 5

It was so much better than expected. High quality contents. Will definitely be continuing this subscription. Love all the different themes.

5 out of 5

It felt like Christmas when I received my box! Everything was so nice and neat. I found uses for nearly everthing in the box.

4 out of 5

This is my Favorite box so far! I love my dab rig mat! I can not wait for next months.

Amanda C.
4 out of 5

Absolutely love the carb cap! It glows so intensely. I also love the socks and pin! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for next month!

5 out of 5

I absolutely loved my stash box and my glowpipe!! By far one of the best boxes I’ve gotten. They keep getting better and better I can’t wait for next month stash box

Emiliano J.
5 out of 5

I love this box, especially the dab rig mat, it works perfectly with my setup! The only thing is that I don’t own a nail that the carb cap can work with, so I’m left with a cool trinket at the moment… Otherwise, loving it!

Tyler L.
5 out of 5

I was excited when I received the package and everything was up to expectations and all. The pipe given was real sturdy and looked real beautiful when used

5 out of 5

This was my first box and it absolutely blew my mind! Out of thia world for real! Will definitely be looking forward to all the other awesome stuff to c9me next month!

5 out of 5

I absolutely loved the soft and comfy socks that were in the box. The glow in the dark carb cap works wonders but you have to have a larger banger to use it; wouldn’t work with my enail. The dab pad is awesome!! Tree of life 💚

5 out of 5



How Stashbox works

We're the only smoking subscription box that asks you questions about your lifestyle.

Tell us about your lifestyle preferences and we’ll use them to customize your box.

We're the only smoking subscription box that matches you with personalized products.

Your 5-8 monthly goodies will be a mix of brands so you can discover new favorites and see what works for you.

We're a smoking subscription box that has points and rewards for our exclusive shop!

Review your gear each month to earn rewards and make every box better.

Our subscribers love what they discover

Stashbox Subscribers love what they discover!

"This #pocketbubbler by @calicrushergrinders is #badass and hits like a champ #loveit #somuch #getstashbox #calicrusher #bettyloves"
IG: @bettychronic406
Stashbox Discovery: Cali Crusher Glass Hammer Bubbler, Sept 2017


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