The Topstone Vaporizer: Dinner and a Vape

Recently – while demoing the Topstone Vaporizer – I was privileged to attend an industry dinner party. Not just any dinner party, the Green Table event in Aspen, CO. It was full of industry shakers and tastemakers and everyone was vaping. But as I observed the impossibly wide variety of devices being passed around, I couldn’t help but notice how similar each brand’s design was. From high-end brands to white labeled batteries, I wondered what made one better than the other? My fellow guests boasted about their particular vapes, using words like “compact” and “programmable,” but none of them offered the subtle blend of functionality, design and luxury of the Topstone.


When I pulled out the demo unit I had stashed in my bag for this exact moment, the conversation screeched to a halt. No one had seen anything quite like it. One colleague asked if it were a lightsaber. Another started ogling its wood trim. Within moments, the Topstone had become the center of attention.


It shouldn’t come as any surprise. After all, the Topstone Vaporizer is essentially the Rolls Royce of vapes. The company refers to this design as a “countertop” device. Measuring in at 7” tall and 1” in diameter, it’s easy to see why: the Topstone simply doesn’t fit in your pocket! Boasting a bocate wood mouthpiece, an easy-to-clean Pyrex glass chamber and stainless steel 3-D printed joints, its features were meant to be put on display in the home as a sort of centerpiece. Even its battery – an integrated American-made Li-Po battery pack – helps lend the Topstone a sense of refined class.


The company’s creator and co-founder William Bosch built the early prototypes himself, sourcing materials from the US and leveraging cutting edge fabrication processes to develop his ideal vape. This dedication to bespoke processes and the use of high-quality American materials ultimately carried into the production models Topstone sells today.


The functionality of the Topstone is brilliant in its simplicity. A single button activates the atomizer with ease, while the large intake box keeps air flowing, so the user is free to control their dose without worrying about throttling or clogging. The removable Pyrex chamber makes the device dead simple to load and clean. As the Topstone made its way around the party, we took turns loading it with everything from wax to oils to crumble to shatter, this thing could handle just about any concentrate we threw in it (but no flower here). Everyone found the device easy to use. It delivered even and consistent pulls and left the crowd – and myself – feeling satisfied.


The only gripe that any of us identified with the Topstone’s impeccable design was that the blue LED was a bit too bright for use in dimmed lighting environments. Reportedly, the company is already aware of this minor flaw and has addressed the issue in their V2 update launching next month. Otherwise, the experience was on par with that offered by any of the top-tier vapes currently available on the market…but with a certain touch of refinement that none quite matched.


We are deep in the age of mass-produced, low-cost, disposable vaporizers. The Topstone takes the opposite tact and offers a piece of functional art to be cherished for years to come. This gorgeous, high-functioning countertop vaporizer is leading the pack and elevating the game.


As I packed away our Topstone and made a move towards the exit, it became clear that the Topstone Vape had recalibrated their expectations of what a vaporizer could be. It’s not just about the deal-of-the-week battery offered by the local dispensary – a vaporizer can also be a thoughtfully designed piece of gear that is built to last. No vape connoisseur should be without one.